Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 906

Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 906

enGage Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 3000R

enGage Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 3000R

Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 909R

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Curtis Model 909R is designed to be used on golf cars and other 36 or 48 VDC battery-powered vehicles to display battery state-of-charge and to charge smart devices.


1. Integrated DC/DC converter and USB port allows smart devices to be safely and efficiently charged from the instrument
2. Battery state-of-charge is calculated using Curtis’ proven algorithm thereby providing an accurate indication of remaining charge following both charge and discharge events
3. Integrated alarm provides an audible indication of low state-of-charge
4. Backlit LCD allows easy-to-read operation in low lit environments
5. Integrated 8-pin AMP connector allows reliable and simple connection to the instrument
6. The instrument allows for four different discharge/reset battery profiles that are selectable via the connector pins which allows one instrument to satisfy multiple vehicle and/or battery types
7. 2.5 LCD digits that are 15mm high allow display of state-of-charge from 0 to 100% in large easy-to-read format
8. Environment protection of IP65 front and rear (with connector installed) ensures operation in harsh environments
9. USB port includes an attached plug that can be removed while charging and inserted when not charging to environmentally protect the USB port
10. UL recognition ensure compatibility with global regulatory standards


1. Operating Temperature: Gage: –40° C to +85° C
2. USB Charger: –40° C to +50° C with charge current derated linearly
3. Storage Temperature: –40° C to +85° C

1. Soak: Designed to meet EN 60068-2-78
2. Test Cab: Damp Heat, Steady State, 10 days at 93% RH (±3 %), 30° C
3. Cyclic: Designed to meet EN 60068-2-30
4. Test Db: Damp Heat, Cyclic (12 hr + 12 hr cycle). Test method variant 1. 6 cycles (each cycle is 24 hrs.), 90 % RH

Ingress Protection:
1. Designed to meet EN 60529
2. IP65 front, IP65 rear (with connector installed)

Designed to meet EN 60068-2-27: 3 shocks in all 3 axes in both directions (18 shocks in total), 500 m/s², 11 ms, half sine wave


Designed to meet EN 60068-2-6, Swept Sine Wave method, Section 8.2, 5g, 20 cycles in each plane, 5 to 500 Hz, 1 Octave/min. Amplitude = +/- 15 mm; Amplitude < +/- 15 mm Acceleration = 5g

Designed to meet EN 60068-2-64. Test Fh: vibration, broadband random (digital control) and guidance. Method 1, random excitation, 5 hrs in each axis, 10 to 350 Hz

1. Designed to meet EN 60068-2-6. Vibration sinusoidal
2. Section 8.1. 5g, 5 mins at resonant points, 1 Octave/min, Swept Sine Wave 10 to 2000 Hz.

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