NiceRF DMR858 Digital walkie talkie module

DMR818-UHF VHF module-2W high power DMR module-Digital Walkie Talkie Module

     DMR818 is a 2W long-distance DMR walkie talkie module, it comes with built-in high-performance microcontroller, digital mobile radio IC and RF power amplifier. All parameters(CTCSS, CDCSS, SQ, Predefined channels, etc.) can be easily modified with a protocol. With an external power supply, speaker, and audio amplifier, it is easy to become a professional digital walkie talkie. Simplified interface and Ultra-small size make this module widely used in various applications and conveniently embedded into a various handheld devices.

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Features and application:


  • UHF band frequency: 400~470 MHz

  • Distance up to 4~6Km

  • Max power output to 2W, low power to 0.5W

  • High Sensitivity: -124dBm

  • Bit error rate down to 1% under -121dBm

  • Independent frequency for Tx and Rx.

  • Bandwidth: 12.5 / 25 kHz

  • DMR(Digital Mobile Radio)/Analog 

  • Message transmission and reception

  • Built-in EEPROM, data saved even powered off

  • 1ppm TCXO crystal

  • 51 CTCSS

  • 166 CDCSS

  • 9 adjustable volume 


  • DMR walkie talkie module

  • Invisible intercom system 

  • building security system

  • audio surveillance system 

DMR mode:

  • Message transmission and reception. 

  • Message calling return receipt;

  • Enhanced encryption of Voice and Text message.

  • Various voice call types: All call, Group call, and Private call;

  • Reminder for input calling, calling status checking 

  • Emergency alarm and radio monitor;

  • Radio kill and activate;


  • Analog mode:

  • CTCSS/CDCSS configurable

  • Squelch levels configurable

Electrical characteristics:

Typical Schematic Circuit:

Functions descriptions:

DMR818 has default 16 channels, CH1~CH8 in DMR mode, CH9~CH16 in analog mode. All the parameters can be configured by serial instructions. For details, please check the “DMR818 communication protocol”. Note: When module in radio killed mode, most of the serial instructions can’t be responded, It will return message 0x07 (Radio killed) or 0x01(Busy) to indicate.

Pin and dimension:

Mechanical Dimension:

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Subtitle N/A
UPC/EAN 679043314902
Count N/A
Brand Name CentIoT
Model DMR81
Whoesale Available
Frequency 400~470 MHz
Gain N/A
Wire diameter N/A
Color N/A
Lead wire N/A
Maximum output power 2W,low power to 0.5W
Height N/A
Operating Temperature N/A
Input impedance N/A
Dimension N/A
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