WTV020 Mini SD TF Card MP3 Decoder Board - Amplifier Module for Arduino STM PIC - for Auto Car (WTV020)

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Product description:

  WTV020 plug-in SD card Voice module, the main chip selection WTV020-16S and WTV020-20S package chips. Voice updates directly through an SD card reader on a PC replacement. Control is also an SD card stored in TXT file changes. The module supports the FAT file system. Support MP3 ADPCM WAV file playback. Supports two-wire serial control mode, key methods, and UART232 serial manner. Automatic speech recognition and speech sample rate format.

You can play background music and commercials language; WTV master chip has WTV020-16SOP and WTV020-20SOP two packages, both of which are compatible; You can play any segment of speech;


  • WTV020 chip module; SD card capacity: 32M ~ 1GBit; Classified by folder store content, easy to operate.

  • Supports FAT file system, SD card as a storage medium;

  • Playback Format: MP3, WAV and 4Bit ADCPM; Control methods: key control, second control and UART232 serial control;

  • Supports automatic speech recognition folders and file playback;

  • Operating voltage: DC2.6 ~ 3.6V;

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UPC/EAN 4604046160450
Brand Name CentIoT
Model AU022-WTV020-TF-MP4
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Dimension 2 x 2 x 1 cm
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