Sunon EE60251B1-0000-999 DC Brushless Fan 60X60X25 mm 4500 RPM Speed

Sunon EE60251B1-0000-999 DC Brushless Fan 60X60X25 mm 4500 RPM Speed

Sunon EE80251B1-0000-999 DC Brushless Fan 80X80X25 mm 3200 RPM Speed

Sunon EE80251B1-0000-999 DC Brushless Fan 80X80X25 mm 3200 RPM Speed

Sunon EF80251S1-10000-A99 DC Brushless Fan 80X80X25 mm 3200 RPM Speed

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1. Mechanical Characteristic:
    •Motor Design: Single phase, 4-poles Brushless DC motor
    •Bearing System: Lubricated sleeve bearing system
    •Materials of Frame: Thermoplastic PBT of UL 94V-0
    •Materials of Fan Blade: Thermoplastic PBT of UL 94V-0
    •Direction of Rotation: Counter-clockwise viewed from front of fan blade
    •Mounting Hole: Diameter 4.3 mm in 8 holes
    •Weight: 75g

2. Electrical Characteristic:
    •Rated Voltage: 12VDC
    •Rated Current: 120 mA / Max. 138 mA
    •Rated Power Consumption: 1.44 WATTS / Max. 1.66 WATTS
    •Operating Voltage Range: 4.5~13.8 VDC
    •Starting Voltage: 4.5 VDC 25 deg. C POWER ON/OFF)
    •Operating Temperature Range: -10 to + 70 deg. C
    •Storage Temperature Range: -40 to + 80 deg. C

3. Performance Characteristic:
    •Rated Speed: 3200 RPM ± 15% at rated voltage
    •Air Flow: 41.0 CFM
    •Static Pressure: 0.18 Inch-H2O
    •Acoustic Noise: 33.0 dB(A)
    •Insulation Class: UL Class A
    •Insulation Resistance(PLASTIC HOUSING): 10M ohm at 500 VDC between internal stator and lead wire (+)
    •Dielectric Strength: Applied AC 500 V for one minute or AC 600 V for 2 Seconds between housing and lead wire (+)
    •Life Expectancy: 35,000 Hours at 40 deg. C, 65% humidity, 90% CL
    •Protection: Automatic Restart, Polarity Protection

Note: In a situation where the fan is locked by an external force while the electricity is on, an increase in coil temperature will be prevented by temporarily turning off the electrical power to the motor. The fan will automatically restart when the locked rotor condition is released.

Other Specified Testing:

The following is a general description of certain tests that are performed on representative SUNON fans. Nothing in this document is intended to suggest that these tests are performed on every model of SUNON fan. Moreover, the descriptions that follow each test are meant only to provide a general explanation of each test. If you would like a more detailed explanation as to any test identified in this Section, SUNON can provide such an explanation upon request.

1. Drop Proof Test:

Fans are packaged in a standard size shipping box and are dropped to the ground from certain heights and angles depending on the weight of the particular box.

2. Humidity Proof Test:

The fan is operated for 96 continuous hours in an environment with humidity of 90% to 95% RH at 60°C +/- 2°C.

3. Vibration Proof Test

Vibration with an amplitude 2mm and a frequency of 5-55-5hz is applied in all 3 directions (X,Y,Z), in cycles of 1 hour each, for a total vibration time of 3hours.

4. Thermal Cycling Test:

The fan is operated in a testing chamber for 50 cycles. In each cycle, the temperature is gradually increased from -10°C to 70°C for 90 minutes, and subsequently operated at 70°C for 120 minutes. The temperature is then gradually decreased from 70°C to -10°C for 90 minutes, and subsequently operated at -10°C for 120 minutes.

5. Shock Proof Test:

100G of force is applied in the 3 directions (X,Y, and Z) for 2 milliseconds each.

6. Life Expectancy:

The “Life Expectancy” of SUNON fans is determined in SUNON’s reliability test laboratory by using temperature chambers. The “Life Expectancy” of this fan has not been evaluated for use in combination with any end application. Therefore, the Life Expectancy Test Reports (L10 and MTTF Report) that relate to this fan are only for reference.

Safety Measures:

1. Do not use or operate this fan in excess of the limitations set forth in this specification. SUNON is not responsible for the non-performance of this fan and/or any damages resulting from its use, if it is not used or operated in accordance with the specifications.
2. SUNON recommends adding a protection circuit to the product or application in which this fan is installed, such as a thermo-fuse, or current-fuse or thermo-protector. The failure to use such a device may result in smoke, fire, electric shock by insulation degradation in cases of motor lead short circuit, overload, or over voltage, and/or other failure.
3. SUNON recommends installing a protection device to the product or application in which this fan is installed if there is a possibility of reverse-connection between VDC (+) and GND (-). The failure to install such a device may result in smoke, fire, and/or destruction, although these conditions may not manifest immediately.
4. This fan must be installed and used in compliance with all applicable safety standards and regulations.
5. Use proper care when handling and/or installing this fan. Improper handling or installation of this fan may cause damage that could result in unsafe conditions.
6. Use proper care during installation and/or wiring. Failure to use proper care may cause damage to certain components of the fan including, but not limited to, the coil and lead wires, which could result in smoke and/or fire.
7. Do not use power or ground PWM to control the fan speed. If the fan speed needs to be adjusted, please contact SUNON to customize the product design for your application.
8. For critical or extreme environments, including non stop operation, please contact SUNON and we will gladly provide assistance with your product selection to ensure an appropriate cooling product for your application.
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