STP200M - IIC Interface - Embedded - 3D Pedometer Module

STP200M - IIC Interface - Embedded - 3D Pedometer Module

STP201 - 3D Pedometer Chipset -(IIC Interface - output - Wrist application)

STP201M is a 3D pedometer module with a functional IC chipset that includes a G-sensor and MCU. It has adopted the standard IIC interface, with the 3D MEMS sensor (G sensor) and high precision of the 3D pedometer algorithm, it can give a precise pedometer in any direction. This chipset has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and etc. The standard I2C digital interface ensures it can be easily embedded in various kinds of pedometer functional systems.

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Features and application:


  • IIC interface

  • Non-wrist application

  • High precision 3D pedometer algorithm

  • Ultra-low power consumption

  • Ultra-small size


  • Pocket pedometer

  • MP3 pedometer

  • Outdoor handheld

  • Healthcare products


Functional description:

Typical application circuit

Working mode:

1) Normal work mode

When detected step action, the module will enter normal working mode, users can read the step

value by the I2C interface. The I2C communication protocol is as below:

When the steps overflow, it counts from 0

The steps will be cleared when DATA3 is read.

★Note: All the bytes are hexadecimal

Sleep mode:

The chipset will enter normal working mode when step action is detected, and enter sleeping mode if no step action is detected for the 20s. In sleep mode the G sensor doesn’t work, the MCU will enter deep sleeping mode and the whole module is in low power consumption.

Note: This module can be wakeup by the I2C interface. 

There are some limitations when the module is wakeup by the I2C interface. 

For the first “start” command of the I2C protocol, the SCL will have to hold at least 500us to wake up MCU. 

The maximum I2C clock is 100 kHz

Note: STEP_OUT: The chipset can output the pulse for each step action, the high level of the pulse

the signal is around 50 ms The steps can be read by the IIC interface.

Note: the data from the IIC interface output is filtrated.

Pin and dimension:

IC encapsulation:



Recommended PCB Layout

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