enGage Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 3000R

enGage Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 3000R

enGage Solid state battery fuel gauge and hour meter Model 3000T

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The Curtis enGage® II is a dual function, a microprocessor-based instrument that can be factory or user-defined to monitor various functions including fuel, temperature, pressure, voltage, battery state of charge, and maintenance/ status. Industrial and commercial vehicles including material handling, outdoor power and construction equipment, engine driven stationary devices, commercial cleaning equipment, golf/light on- road and other mobility aids. Also ideally suited for monitoring scheduled maintenance, warranty, and leasing intervals. Manufactured under ISO 9001 certified Quality Management system. UL recognized & CE certified.


1. Multiple functions in one programmable unit:
– Lower overall stocking requirements
– Reduced installation time and labor
– Reduced vehicle instrumentation count
– Ease of ordering
– Volume pricing/purchasing advantages
2. Field programmable maintenance monitor allows dealers and/or users to program maintenance intervals for their specific application
3. Optional settable hour meter allows replacement of a failed hour meter without loss of total elapsed time
4. Flexible output modes include flashing LCD segments, panel mounted LED and FET (0.5A) which allows the equipment designer to define critical parameters and to choose appropriate notification methods, such as alarms or buzzers
5. True Curtis battery monitoring technology means proven algorithm protection capabilities providing reliable state of charge information
6. Sealed front panel buttons allow easy:
– Setting of maintenance interval
– Setting of battery monitoring profile
– Re-setting of maintenance hours
– Setting of total hour meter (optional)
7. Clock function allows vehicle operator easy and safe access to the time of day status
8. Mounting bracket and integrated connector lower installation and production costs and eliminates traditional mounting hardware kits
9. EEPROM non-volatile memory retains usage data without battery back-up
10. Aesthetically attractive contemporary look enhances vehicle styling and maximizes readability. Overlays can easily be customized to create a specific brand/ logo identity
11. Reliable, all solid-state design means no moving parts minimizing warranty costs
12. Over 40 years of Curtis instrumentation design and manufacturing experience ensures products are both innovative and extremely reliable
13. Curtis global network of sales and technical support provides timely and complete applications support


1. Operating Voltages: 12VDC nominal (9 to 15VDC)
12 – 48VDC nominal (9 to 60VDC)
2. Operating Temperature: – 40˚C to + 85˚C
3. Storage Temperature: –50˚C to +90˚C
4. Humidity: 95% RH (non-condensing) at +38˚C
5. Shock:
SAE J 1378 March 8
Amplitude 44-55 g, half sine
9 – 13 ms duration
6. Vibration:
SAE J 1378
Double amplitude of 1.53mm
with frequency sweep for 10-80-10 Hz (20 g max) at 1 minute intervals

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