Rotary Encoder Code Switch Volume Control Potentiometer (20K)

Rotary Encoder Code Switch Volume Control Potentiometer (20K)

B102 16 x 1mm Gear Potentiometer Single Pot Dial Volume Switch 3PIN 1K - (5PCS)

B102 16 x 1mm Gear Potentiometer Single Pot Dial Volume Switch 3PIN 1K - (5PCS)

RV09 EC12 10K Rotary Encoder - Digital Potentiometer Coding Volume Control - 5 Pin Plum handle 12MM (Horizontal mount)

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Product description:

  • A rotary encoder with 20 steps per revolution. Rotary encoders are widely used in volume controls.

  • This rotary encoder can rotate and does not have, like almost all potentiometers, a start, and end position.

  • However, rotary encoders must be read digitally. Based on this, you can determine the direction in which the rotary encoder moves and how many steps have been taken.

  • This rotary encoder also has a push-button built-in for example to select something. (between pin D and E)

  • The rotary encoder can be read out by means of pin A, B, and C.

  • A standard potentiometer knob can be attached to the rotary encoder.

  • See the images for the sizes and the explanation of the pins.


  • Total Impedance: 10kohm
  • Allowable error value of total impedance soil: +/- 20%
  • Impedance Characteristics: B Taper
  • Voltage Rating: 50V AC; 12V DC
  • Freeze power: <0.05W (or equal)
  • Noise: 100mv (max)
  • Insulation Resistance Group Value: 100mohm Min DC 250V
  • Withstand Voltage Characteristics: AC 300V for 1min
  • Residual resistance value: 20ohm (max)
  • Synchronization error value: -/dbof/db+-/db
  • Full rotation angle: 170 degree (5 deg tolerence)
  • Rotational torque: 20~100
  • Rotation Stop Strength: max
  • Shaft push-pull strength: max
  • Solder heat resistance: 250 degree or less within 2 sec
  • Life: 10,000 rotations
  • Mounting Type: Horizontal

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