800W 30A DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter High Power CV CC Adjustable

800W 30A DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter High Power CV CC Adjustable

DC 16V- 120V to 12V 3A Step Down Module Power Supply dc dc converter Buck Converter step up converter

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Description: It is a DC constant voltage constant current step down power supply module.It can be used as ordinary buck power supply module, charger and LED constant current driver.Simple and efficient, practical

Features: 1>.High input voltage 2>.Stable voltage output 3>.Support over temperature protection 4>.Support overvoltage protection 5>.Support short circuit protection 6>.Low power consumption 7>.Support constant voltage constant current output 8>.Support charging function 9>.With heat sink and keep good heat dissipation

Parameters: 1>.Product Name:DC Step Down Power Supply Module 2>.Working Voltage:DC 16V-90V, DC16-120V, DC9-90V, DC9-120V(Keep input is at least 4.0V hthan output) 3>.Output Voltage:DC5V, 12V 4>.Output Current:3A 5>.Output Power:5V-15W, 12V-36W 6>.Conversion efficiency:About 96%(The smaller the differential voltage, the higher efficiency) 7>.Working frequency:140KHz 8>.Soft Starter:Yes(Failure at high power load) 9>.Over temperature protection:Yes 10>.Overvoltage protection:Yes 11>.Short circuit protection:Yes 12>.Working Temperature range:-40℃~85℃ 13>.Working Humidity range:0%-95%RH 14>.Size:42*30*17mm/42*30*20mm

Using Steps: 1>.Connect right input voltage at input terminal 2>.Turn ON power supply 3>.Check output voltage by voltmeter and ammeter 4>.Connect load

Note: 1>.It is a step down power supply module,So please keep input is at least 4.0V high than output 2>.Input and output are Non-isolated, safe and reliable

Application: 1>.Ordinary power supply 2>.Battery charger 3>.LED drive power 4>.Power conversion

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