TTP226 Digital Touch Sensor Switch Module 8 Channel Self-Locking No-Locking Capacitive Button

TTP226 Digital Touch Sensor Switch Module 8 Channel Self-Locking No-Locking Capacitive Button

TTP229 Digital Touch Sensor Switch Module 16 Channel Self-Locking No-Locking Capacitive Button

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Product description:

 Capacitive type touch jog switch module The module is based on a touch detection IC (TTP229). Under normal conditions, the module output low, low-power mode to mode; the touch of a finger when the corresponding position, the module will output high, the mode is switched to fast mode; when for 12 seconds without touching, the mode and switch to low power mode. A module can be installed in such as plastic, glass surface non-metallic materials, in addition to the thin paper (non-metallic) covering the surface of the module, as long as the correct location of the touch, you can make hidden in the walls, and other parts of the desktop button. This module allows you to remove the troubles of conventional push-type buttons.

  • onboard TTP229 capacitive touch-sensitive 16 key IC

  • onboard power led

  • working voltage: 2.4V-5.5V

  • module, you can set the output mode, key, mode, maximum output time and fast/low power selection

  • PCB Board dimensions: 49 (mm) x 64.5 (mm)

Trigger setting mode:

  • (1- > Short ; 0- > No Short)

  • AB=00: No-lock High TTL level output;

  • AB=01: Self-lock High TTL level output;

  • AB=10: No-lock Low TTL level ouput;

  • AB=11: Self-lock Low TTL level ouput;


  • IC: TTP229 16 Channel; Jog type: the initial state is low, high touch, do not touch is low (a similar touch of a button feature) Low power consumption

  • Power supply: 2 ~ 5.5V DC; Positioning holes: 4 M2 screws positioning hole diameter is 2.2mm, the positioning of the module is easy to install, to achieve inter-module combination;

  • Touch surface can be used as positive and negative, can replace the traditional touch of a button

  • Control Interface: A total of three pins (GND, VCC, SIG), GND to ground, VCC is the power supply, SIG digital signal output pin;

  • Touch area: Similar to a fingerprint icon inside the area, you can touch the trigger finger.

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UPC/EAN 679043314070
Brand Name CentIoT
Model SWT005-TTP229-16CH
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Dimension 49 x 69.5 x 8 cm
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