NiceRF RF1212 20mW Ultra-Low-power Wireless Transceiver Module

Lora1278 - 433 module - 470 lora module - 100mW lora module - Wireless Transceiver Module

Lora1278 - 433 module - 470 lora module - 100mW lora module - Wireless Transceiver Module

Lora1278F30 - 1W lora module - 433MHz 490MHz module - High Power lora Module

LoRa1278F30 is a 1W high power wireless transceiver module, which integrates Semtech RF transceiver chip SX1278. It adopts the LoRa TM Spread Spectrum modulation frequency hopping technique. The features of long distance and high sensitivity (-139 dBm) make this module perform better than FSK and GFSK module. Multi-signal won't affect each other even in crowd frequency environment; it comes with strong anti-interference performance.

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Feature and application:


  • 433-460MHz/470-510MHz

  • Sensitivity up to -139 dBm

  • Maximum output power: 30dBm

  • 13mA@receiver mode

  • Sleep current <10uA

  • Data transfer rate:@FSK,1.2-300kbps

                                    @Lora TM,0.018-37.5kbps

  • Lora TM, MSK, GFSK, and OOK Modulation mode

  • 127 dB Dynamic Range RSSI

  • Packet engine up to 256 bytes with FIFO and CRC

  • Hopping frequency

  • Operating Temperature Range:-40~ + 85 °C

  • Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator

  • 3.0-6.5 V Power supply

  • Excellent blocking immunity


  • Remote control

  • Remote meter reading

  • Home security alarm and remote keyless entry

  • Industrial control

  • Home automation remote sensing

  • Individual data records

  • Toys control

  • Sensor network

  • Tire pressure monitoring

  • Health monitoring

  • Wireless PC peripherals

  • Tag reading and writing


Electrical Characteristics:

LN610  module

Functional description:


LN610  module

Speed rate correlation table:

LN610  module

Pin and dimension:

Pin definition:

LN610  module

Mechanism Dimensions:

LN610  module


1) Why module can not communicate properly?

a) Check if the band, channel, rate, set to the same;

b) Check if there is a power connection error;

c) Check if the antenna connection is not correct;

d) Check if the module is damaged.

2) Why transmission distance is not as far as it should be?

e) Power supply ripple is too large;

f) The antenna types do not match, or not properly installed;

g) The surrounding environment is harsh, strong interference sources;

h) Surrounding co-channel interference;

More Information
Subtitle N/A
UPC/EAN 4604046162096
M.R.P ₹1,862.00
Brand Name G-NiceRF
Model N/A
Whoesale Available
Supply Voltage N/A
Dimension 15*8*9 CM
Working voltage range N/A
Data transfer rate N/A
Receiving sensitivity -139 dBm
Maximum output power 30 dBm
Sleep current N/A
Receiving current <13 mA
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 85 deg cels
Data Rate @FSK,1.2-300kbps @LoraTM, 0.018-37.5kb
Operating Temperature N/A
Frequency 433-460MHz/470-510MHz
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