HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter Cable (White)

HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter Cable (White)

HDMI to VGA Converter Adapter Cable (White with Audio)

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Product description:

  • Conveniently enjoy the stereophonic quality of sound and video on the big screen of the LCD, projector or TV with the help of NXG Technology HDMI to VGA converter adapter cable.

  • This ultra-modern HDMI to VGA cable adapter has been exclusively created to transfer and convert HDMI signals of HDMI-enabled digital devices to VGA signals.

  • As a result, you are able to view full format HD motion pictures, videos, photo albums and other images on your LED or LCD TV. You can set up the HDMI to VGA converter adapter cable almost instantaneously and quite significantly as it does not require an additional electrical supply for operation.

  • Comprehensively Versatile - This HDMI to VGA is an exceedingly multipurpose converter cable.

  • It is compatible with devices having HDMI ports including but not limited to HD player, Xbox 360, PS3, Blu-ray DVD player, laptop and tablet.

  • It smoothly converts HDMI signals emanating from the eponymous gadgets into VGA signals, thus allowing you to link them with VGA-enabled devices like projectors, computer monitors and LCDs.


  • Type: HDMI, input signal: HDMI digital signal output signal: VGA analog signal

  • Gender: male-female color: White

  • Connector a: VGA Connector b: HDMI; With Audio - (Remember to connect audio output on the laptop to get Audio on 2 screens at the same time)

  • Resolution: 480p/720p/1080i/1080p (automatic)

  • Support: accord with HDMI 1. 3/1. 4 agreement; This is a unidirectional device, it works from HDMI to VGA, not in reverse. It means your source should be HDMI and destination should be VGA

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Subtitle N/A
UPC/EAN 4604046158372
Brand Name CentIoT
Whoesale Available
Supply Voltage 5 V
Output Voltage N/A
Color N/A
Dimension 8 x 4 x 1 cm
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