16S Lithium Battery Charger 60V-67.2V 10A For 220v 50hz Electric Bike

16S Lithium Battery Charger 60V-67.2V 10A For 220v 50hz Electric Bike

16S 60V 45A BMS PCB Protection Board with Balance for Ebike Li-ion Battery

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Main Functions:

Over charge protection, Over discharge protection function, Short circuit protection function, Over current protection function, with band balancer


Step1: Connect charging/discharging wire, battery pack negative wire

Step2: After confirm the wires are connected OK, plug the connector cable in the BMS

DO NOT plug CONNECTOR CABLE in the BMS before connect wire!!

  • 16S 60V 45A Li-ion Battery BMS PCB Protection Board Continuous discharging current: 45A Instantaneous diacharge current: 100A Charging voltage: 67.2V Charging current: 45A

  • Over-charge detect: 4.28±0.05V Protect delay: 100ms Over-charge release: 4.08±0.05V Detect Voltage: 4.2±0.025V Release Voltage: 4.2±0.05V

  • Balance Current: 60±5mA Over-discharge: 2.55±0.08V Over-discharge detect delay: 50mS Release voltage: 2.9±0.1V Detect voltage: 150mV Detect delay: 15mS Current detect: 130±10A

  • Resistance: ≤15mΩ Working current: ≤60uA Sleep Current (when Over-discharge): ≤10uA Working temperature: -30~80 deg Celsius

  • Size: approx. 120 x 60 x 9mm

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UPC/EAN 679043314841
Brand Name CentIoT
Model BM053-16S-45A-60V
Whoesale Available
Supply Voltage N/A
Output Voltage N/A
Color N/A
Dimension 12 x 6 x 1 cm
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